The Bridge Between Turkey and China

HASAN ÇAPAN's Activities and Projects

Social, Trading, Economical and Political Activities

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Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN has been working with superhuman efforts to establish a friendship and cooperation bridge between Turkey and the People’s Republic of China more than 20 years.

In this context, he has been hosting all high level Chinese delegations coming to Turkey, introducing Turkey to them as a Pioneer opening the cooperation gates in social, economical, cultural and trading areas for years.

Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN also constructed the school and the healthcare center in Turkey as well as providing the scholarship to the Turkish and Chinese students.

Especially, he made the friendship to win once again by working very hard and conducting the shuttle diplomacy during the political tension between both countries in 2009.

Please find below the links related to domestic and international activities and projects of Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN:

Activities and Projects

The Projects Being Coordinated


Avrasya Petroleum Products Industry and Trade Co.

Establishment: 30.03.1990
Activity Area: Petroleum Products, Marble and Mining
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Avrasya Medical Health Products Industry and Trade Co.

Establishment: 24.05.2001
Activity Area: Medical, Cosmetics, Construction, International Trade
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Turkish-Chinese Friendship Foundation

Establishment: 24.12.2009
Activity Area: Culture, Arts, Education
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