The Bridge Between Turkey and China

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Who is Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN?

Mr. Hasan Çapan's Biography


Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN was born at Nizip in 1945. He continued the trading activities until 1976 at Nizip. Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN, moved to Istanbul in 1977 and he started to establish his group of companies. He scored off in a lot of business lines through this group. He provided the important contribution to the foreign trade of our country by establishing the trade lines with the numerous Eurpoean countries. He also established the successfully long-term trading relationship with Russia, Azerbaican, other Caucasian Countries and Middle East Countries.

He also contributed to establishment of the trading bridge between Turkey and China in the same term. The strong relations which Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN establihed with the People’s Republic of China is going on in various areas. He provided the coordination and relationship between Turkey and China during all stages of Istanbul - Eskişehir High Speed Railway starting from the proposal stage succesfully. Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN is currently continuing the studies in the projects such as Energy, Subway, Finacial Credit and Defense Industry to contribute the development of the Turkish economy and the international relations.

Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN’s three companies named Avrasya Medical and Avrasya Petrol are taking place in all activities. Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN, established the Turkish-Chinese Friendship Foundation in December 24, 2009 as well as the trading activities in the framework of the close friendship with the Chinese Government. This foundation is contributing to our country for realizing the activities and projects in education, media and international relationship areas. Besides, Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN has been honored as the TORCHBEARER by the Chinese Government for the World Olimpic Games in 2008.

Furthermore, Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN made a lot of donations to his country and hometown. Some of them are Hasan Çapan Anatolian Lycee, Hüseyin Yalçın Çapan Lycee, Nizip State Hospital and Nizip Ayşe Çapan Healthcare Center in Nizip.

Because of these investment of charitable Mr. Hasan ÇAPAN in education and medical areas, the urban council gave his name to an important street in Nizip.

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A Friendship Story From Turkey to China

Turkish-Chinese Friendship Foundation

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Avrasya Petroleum Products Industry and Trade Co.

Establishment: 30.03.1990
Activity Area: Petroleum Products, Marble and Mining
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Avrasya Medical Health Products Industry and Trade Co.

Establishment: 24.05.2001
Activity Area: Medical, Cosmetics, Construction, International Trade
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Turkish-Chinese Friendship Foundation

Establishment: 24.12.2009
Activity Area: Culture, Arts, Education
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