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Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun Has Discussions with Scholars from the Turkish Think Tanks (01 Nisan 2011)

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On March 31, 2011, Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun had discussions with scholars from Turkish renowned research institutions and universities including Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Turkey and the Bogazici University in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Zhang introduced China's the peaceful development strategy and foreign policy, saying that China attaches great importance to developing strategic cooperative relations with Turkey. China encourages the Turkish academic circle to enhance exchanges with Chinese research institutes and make more contributions to building mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between both sides. The participating scholars appreciated the achievements of China's economic growth and its just positions on international affairs, pledging to play a positive role in pushing forward Turkey-China friendly relations.

On the same day, Zhang also received an exclusive interview by a Turkish newspaper in the hotel where he stayed, answering questions on bilateral ties and the regional situation. Zhang also attended a reception hosted by the Turkish-Chinese Friendship Foundation and donated the office equipment to Hasan Çapan, the Foundation's president.

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